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3 Books supporting Children’s Mental Health

To purchase a Heddy doll, please contact Dolls are $25.00 plus shipping.

EMSA Publishing announces a new series for children to support mental health.

Heddy and Harry the hedgehogs and Luna the Unicorn have mental health conditions that affect their mood, thinking, and behaviour. Heddy is sad, and she doesn’t know why (depression). Harry has a lot of energy (ADHD). Luna is afraid of storms. With a little help, they all learn how to overcome their conditions to live happy and productive lives.

It is the hope that children will see themselves in these cute and colourful characters, know there is help available to them, and that they can control their fears and anxieties rather than letting their fears and anxieties control them.

Book 1–Heddy is Sad

Heddy is sad, and she doesn’t know why.

Heddy the Hedgehog is challenged by sadness. She is grumpy, has negative thoughts, and she blames herself. But Heddy is not alone.

Heddy is Sad is an excellent book for educating children, youth, parents, friends, and caregivers how to support a loved one in need.

Book 2–Harry has too much Energy

Harry’s doctor tells him he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. At first, he is scared by what that might mean, but then he realizes that his ADHD comes with some awesome abilities.

All too often, we focus on the negatives that come with a diagnosis of ADHD. It’s time that changed, and we begin to focus on the positives. Harry has a lot of Energy is an amazing book for helping children, youth, parents, and caregivers who have first-hand experience with ADHD to see the upside to this unique condition.

Book 3–Luna is Afraid of Storms (coming soon!)

Coming soon!

Luna the Unicorn has a debilitating fear of storms. At first, she is afraid, and she hides under her covers, but all of that changes one day.

We’re Growing!

Image Credit: Open Clipart Vector | 27422 | Pixabay

EMSA Publishing is pleased to welcome Brittany Abram, our new graphics specialist.

Brittany is a student of media design, and In-Design and Photoshop expert with an eye for aesthetics and graphics.

She will be working to produce beautifully-designed, next-level covers and interior formatting.

Welcome, Brittany!

Fun and Funky Interior Formatting

Here are a few samples of my latest creations. 

A. Skull chapter display was created for a book about vampires.

B. Clock hand–a great way to showcase that the book is a time travel story.

C. Simple YA format with chapter numbers and titles.

D. Simple YA format  with chapter numbers and drop-caps.

E.  Simple YA format chapter numbers and titles.

The sky’s the limit!

Custom headers designed to highlight your work, genre, and/or title along with interior page formatting starting at only $35.00!

Contact me at to talk about your custom header and for a quote.


Announcing EMSA Publishing’s Exciting New Marketing Plan

Dear Authors,

Effective immediately, EMSA Publishing’s marketing plan has changed to give authors more control over their manuscripts. EMSA Publishing brings you the same, quality, professional publishing services on a cost per service basis, allowing you–the author–to tailor the services to meet your publishing needs.

EMSA Publishing will continue to offer the same editing, cover creation, web-building, blurb-writing, publicity, and distribution services you have come to appreciate, at an affordable, cost per service basis.

For a list of all services and prices, visit the Author Services page, or contact EMSA Publishing for a quote.

Looking forward to working with you on your next project,

Elise Abram

Owner/Operator EMSA Publishing

Yellow River Pledge Review

Thanks to Honestly Austin for this great review. You can read the whole review at

Buy Yellow River Pledge by Lisa Colodny.

Right from the get go I felt a strength of character which belonged to the protagonist Jordan. As the events unfolded within the story, like a slow burn, I felt as though I was watching a television series. From beginning to end, I was intrigued to know what was going to happen to the characters the author described with such vivacity. Her characterizations made them feel like friends I would have loved to have in my life.

I did feel as though there were some chaotic moments between scene breaks at the beginning of the novel, which appeared to be smoothed out as the story progressed. I do want to chalk them up to the formatting of the version I had, as they seemed to be corrected as I went along and no longer felt like a hindrance to my reading process.

I always love when a piece of art is central to the story, and within this novel, the art lends itself to the name of the book: Yellow River Pledge. The main character, Jordan, has a painting of The Yellow River in China given to her by a professor during her university days. The Yellow River in China is known for its dangerous shores, and if a body fell into these treacherous waters, they were thought to be lost forever. But there was a man,

‘“Chen Wei brought closure to so many families in ancient China by navigating the dangerous and deadly Yellow River,” Janis recited from memory. “On his homemade boat, he collected the bodies claimed by the river and returned them to the families for burial so they could have closure.”’

It was on this painting that the main characters (as medical examiners) made a pledge to return the bodies of those in their care to their families. It was such a great concept and made my love for finding out the origins of novel titles even more fulfilled when I read it.

Before I bring this review to a close, I would like to mention that there was some sexual portions to the novel which brought quite a blush to my cheeks. If that is something that you dear readers are not huge fans of, this book might not be for you. Also there is some sexual violence integral to the storyline and character development, which I would also like to let you literary lovelies know about.

I definitely enjoyed reading this novel and liked the medical examiner’s as main characters. It reminded me a lot of Tess Gerritsen’s novels which feature the duo Rizzoli and Isles with a lot more grit and realism.

Read all about it…

Congratulations to EMSA Publishing’s  Lisa Colodny, author of Yellow River Pledge,  on her interview in Reader’s Life Magazine.

Read all about it at

About Yellow River Pledge:

Dr. Jordan Chamberlain is a successful, beautiful, young medical examiner with the perfect husband, the perfect life, and perfect friends. Somewhat of a whiz, kid, she’s younger than most Medical Examiners and enjoys a bit of glamour whenever her forensic data is sent to trial. To an outside observer, Jordan has it all, until that is, her husband, Jason, announces without warning that he doesn’t want to be married anymore and Jordan’s perfect life crashes and burns around her.

Jordan buries herself even deeper in her work, temporarily embarking on a career consulting with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Division under the careful eye of college friends turned colleagues, who support her during her as she tries to rebuild her life.

Her future, however, is about to be compromised once more when she becomes the target of the serial killer she’s been pursuing.

Buy Yellow River Pledge by Lisa Colodny. 

Pronoun–it dead.

It’s official. Pronoun is shutting down. (cue the bugle playing Taps and wipe my tear from your monitor)

For those of you who haven’t used it, Pronoun was a one-stop shop for distributing eBooks to the top five online booksellers—including GooglePlay, KoboBooks, Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Nook—among others. Their interface was intuitive, they charged no fees for the use of their site nor did they take a royalty cut (the site functioned like more of a slush pile for Macmillan publishers), and they paid directly to my PayPal account. In addition to publishing, Pronoun also had an amazing style guide, a huge informational database, and they provided author pages, including those for pen names and/or client authors.

EMSA Publishing has used Pronoun exclusively for the past two years to publish and distribute eBooks. Now that they’re closing, what’s a poor publisher (or self-pubbed author) to do?

Why, find another publisher/distributor, of course. I’ve done the research, contrasting four popular online eBook distribution hubs, and here’s what I’ve found (saving the best—in my humble opinion—for last).


I used Smashwords as a distribution hub for my work when I was just starting out as a self-published author and ultimately abandoned it for Kindle distribution, primarily because it was so hard to get the file through their “meatgrinder” formatting app without incident.

Smashwords will publish your eBook to their own store just for uploading it, but if you want extended distribution, your book must find its way to the Premium Catalogue, which means passing the “meatgrinder” test. In addition to a number of lesser-known sites, Smashwords will distribute your

Premium book to Kobo, iBooks, and Nook, but NOT GooglePlay and Kindle. While Kindle isn’t an issue (all it takes is a click in Createspace and you can create a Kindle book), this means I’d have to go to a third site to upload each and every book, which just isn’t cost- or time-efficient.

Though I had to do some unpacking of the legal jargon in Smashword’s terms of service, it appears Smashwords charges 15% of your royalties to use the site (after the sellers have taken their cut), which it pays directly to your PayPal account within 40 days of their receipt of royalties.


Though I’ve never used D2D (as it’s affectionately called), it was recommended to me, so I thought I’d check it out, too.  D2D will publish your eBook to KoboBooks, iBooks, and B & N Nook, but NOT GooglePlay (they claim to be working on it)and Kindle.

They have “style suggestions” but no style guide. They charge 10% of the retail price, which they claim works out to 15% of the net royalties, making their business model more transparent than Smashwords’. They will also pay royalties direct to PayPal, with three other options available.


On the surface, Publish Drive seemed great: they publish to all five major eBook retailers and charge 10% of the royalties, making them better than the other two sites at first glance. Like the other two, they let you use their interface to upload your books, but where they differ (and this is the deal-breaker for me) provided they are already in ePub, ePub2, or ePub3  format. If you need to convert your docx or pdf file to an ePub, you must contact them for a quote. In an article on The Book Designer site entitled Aggregation without Aggravation: Pronoun and PublishDrive, David Kudler states that he was quoted “around $170” for a 70,000-word book, making this option too expensive for my business model.   Once I discovered this, I didn’t bother searching out any of the other details. Though there are free ePub converters online, I’ve never liked the quality of the conversion and eliminated this as an option for me.


Also recommended to me by another writer was StreetLib, and this one seems like the best site by far. Though they charge 10% of the royalties (taking a cut of an already small royalty payout for the poor authors who’ve slaved over the manuscripts), they distribute to the top five distributors among others, and they allow you to upload doc, rtf, and (I believe) pdf and ePub files. They will pay directly to PayPal.

In addition to marketing tools—like Pronoun’s author page—they have an online editor that will let you create a spiffily-designed (since Word isn’t marking “spiffily” as an error, I’m assuming it’s a word) eBook.

Though I found it difficult to navigate their help files (I couldn’t find a definitive list of acceptable file types for downloads), I think StreetLib is probably the way I’m going to go. Though it’s unfortunate EMSA’s eBooks books may be offline for a week or more during the conversion, I’ll be switching my books over to StreetLib over the next month or so.

Pronoun, we had a good run, you and I, and after only two years, the breakup will be hard. To StreetLib’s credit, it’s been around since the mid-2000s, so the Italian company has an established track record. While nothing in this world is guaranteed except for Amazon and Google, fingers crossed StreetLib will be around at least as long as my business will.