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Kudos to Lorraine Carey and ON BORROWED TIME

The following review was written by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite. Congratulations to Lorraine Carey!
Lorraine Carey, On Borrowed Time, paranormal, thriller, magic
On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2 is a paranormal romance novel written by Lorraine Carey. While this is the second volume in Carey’s series, she gives enough background information to enable this book to be read as a stand-alone. Daniella Reyes would miss Nina Santos, who had been her host for the last month, and she’d miss the two dogs who had become her close friends and companions. So much had happened since she had arrived at Nina’s ranch, but Daniella was eager to play her part as a new initiate in the Women of Willow Wood, a society which had its roots back in history to the 14th century and even before that to 1400 BC. She was still getting used to her new name, Rachel Torres, and would now be a guardian in the order with the responsibility for rescuing souls. The order had found a teaching position for her in a small Texas town, where a young teacher was being manipulated by her cult-leader boyfriend. Rachel’s first assignment was to rescue Audrina Campbell.

Lorraine Carey’s paranormal romance novel, On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2, is a thought-provoking and compelling novel that incorporates mythological themes in a modern day story about a sisterhood sworn to help others. Daniella Reyes is refreshingly real and bluntly skeptical of the one-year chastity request the Women of the Willow Wood lays upon her, and I wondered just how long she’d be able to comply, especially after she meets the dishy Brandt Meade whose cover as a parent just doesn’t sit quite well with her. While there are a few spicy words thrown in here and there, On Borrowed Time is a sweet romantic suspense novel that reads beautifully and is quite enjoyable.
On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2 is most highly recommended.

New Five-star Review for Lorraine Carey’s THE GOOD TEACHER!

paranormal, witches, romance

Congratulations to Lorraine Carey on her latest 5-star review!

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Now available: On Borrowed Time, Book 2 of the Women of the Willow Wood Series.

Vote for THE GOOD TEACHER in the Summer Indie Awards

paranormal, witches, romanceCongratulations to Lorraine Carey, author of The Good Teacher: The Women of the Willow Wood Book 1 who is a semi-finalist in Metamorph Publishing’s 2017 Summer Indie Awards.

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Best of luck, Lorraine. The Good Teacher deserves this and more!

Interview with Novelist John Collings

John Collings, author of the young adult, humour novel, Tag: A Cautionary Tale is interviewed by Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews website:

Novelist John Collings joins me today. We’re chatting about his new young adult literary fiction work, Tag: A Cautionary Tale.

Welcome, John. Please tell us about your current release.

Tag: A Cautionary Tale is a fictionalized history of the playground game, Tag, and all the games that were spawned from its inception. The boys who created the game enjoy it on a daily basis until things start to fall apart for them. Soon factions are formed and neither side listens to the other side as they both inadvertently work towards the destruction of the field they both love.

To read more, go to Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews.

A Science Fiction Sensation: The Nexus and Other Stories

The Nexus and Other Science Fiction Short Stories

The Nexus and Other Stories

by Elise Abram

Why are aliens visiting us? Will the future be dystopic and if so, what might happen along the way?

Aliens, ghosts, clones, zombies, vampires, nightmares come to life, teleportation…

Is your interest piqued?

One book, thirteen stories.

In The Nexus and Other Stories, science fiction author Elise Abram explores the myths of the modern world. When vice overcomes common sense, the results cannot be positive. Elise Abram writes from the heart, examining the beliefs and obsessions of contemporary life, speculating what might happen if the science we are toying with and/or if the creatures we glorify in our popular culture become commonplace.

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Welcome Lisa Colodny!

EMSA Publishing would like to welcome author Lisa Colodny to our family of authors.

About Lisa:

Lisa Robin Phillips Colodny was born and grew up in the rural countryside of Kentucky. She attended the University of Kentucky and Broward College in Fort Lauderdale and graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University. Her non-fiction publishing history includes numerous publications in the health and science industry. Other titles currently available by this author include an award winning children’s book, Ms. Abrams’ Everything Garden, and an adult fiction, The Town Time Forgot.  Dr. Colodny currently works in the healthcare industry and resides in South Florida with her daughter and their Labrador retriever, Cooper.  


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About Yellow River Pledge:

Imagine being Dr. Jordan Chamberlain, a successful, beautiful, young medical examiner with the perfect husband, the perfect life, and the perfect friends. To an outside observer, she has it all, until her husband announces, without warning, that he doesn’t want to be married anymore. Jordan’s perfect life crashes and burns all around her. She buries herself deep into her work and temporarily embarks on a career consulting with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Division under the careful eye of college friends turned colleagues, who support her during her time of crisis.

Jordan connects with Detective Sean Logan, an acquaintance from work, and the romance that ensues is the most complete, fulfilling relationship she’s ever known until it’s threatened by ties she still has to her ex-husband.  As she struggles to find closure for an old life she no longer has and define a new life with Sean, her future is once again jeopardized when Jordan becomes the next target of the serial killer she’s been pursuing through her work with the FBI. 

Congratulations to Lorraine Carey!



The Good Teacher by Lorraine Carey has been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Award in the paranormal category. You can read all about the contest at Metamorph Publishing‘s website.

New from author Elise Abram

The New Recruit

When sixteen-year-old Judith meets Cain, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Cain is the most beautiful human being Judith has ever seen, but he hides a dangerous secret. When Jo-Jo, Cain’s surrogate father, offers her a job, she accepts, unaware she’s been recruited as a pawn in Jo-Jo’s ecoterrorist plot.

THE NEW RECRUIT is a timely story, exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Girls & Women
Pages: 214
Release Date: 1 July 17
Blog Tour Date: 1 – 8 July 17

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From the press release:

Sixteen-year-old Judith Abraham feels like an outsider. She has just transferred to a new school, has only one friend, and suffers from social anxiety, but when recruiter Cain Barrett offers her a job, her whole life changes. Things are great at first, but the more she learns about Cain’s world of climate crusaders, the more she questions his motives behind singling her out. Will Judith find a way out before it’s too late?

THE NEW RECRUIT is the first book of a trilogy (followed by Indoctrination) by author Elise Abram, winner of the 2015 A Woman’s Write competition for I WAS, AM, WILL BE ALICE. THE NEW RECRUIT is a young adult contemporary romance for the new millennium. In a time when jobs are scarce, politics are unstable, and the future is uncertain, millennials are ripe for recruitment by cults, groups offering a stable world view in exchange for total devotion. THE NEW RECRUIT is meant to be a cautionary tale exploring how, without love and support from those around them, our disenfranchised youth can be so easily misguided.

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New from author Michelle Areaux

CAPTURED on Blog Tour

Hallie and Jackson can’t catch a break. No sooner have they returned from being on the run than Jackson is kidnapped. Such is the life of a mob daughter.

After witnessing a hit ordered by their fathers in RUNAWAY, lifelong friends Hallie and Jackson run from their New York home in fear of their lives. While on the run, they discover their relationship is more than friendly. In CAPTURED, the sequel, they return home and try to resume a sense of normalcy, but there’s a new kingpin in town intent on making a name for himself by extorting a piece of their fathers’ business, kidnapping Jackson as leverage. Hallie and Jackson’s fathers try to rescue him, but they move too slowly for Hallie’s liking. Will Hallie be successful when she decides to take matters into her own hands, or will she be in need of rescuing herself?  

CAPTURED is the second book in the RUNAWAY series published by EMSA Publishing by author Michelle Areaux, a contemporary young-to-new adult romance adventure. Michelle Areaux is the author of many, successful contemporary young adult books, including the WICKED CRIES series. Areaux balances life as a Language Arts teacher, wife, and mother from her base in Nicholasville, Kentucky.  

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Preorder CAPTURED by Michelle Areaux, the sequel to RUNAWAY

Title: Captured

Series: Runaway

Author: Michelle Areaux

Genre: New adult/young adult contemporary adventure romance.

Length: 149 pages

Release date: June 24, 2017

After their whirlwind time spent on the run, Hallie and Jackson return home. Though they must keep their relationship secret, they are finally together until Samuel enters the scene. Determined to become New York’s next big kingpin, Samuel plans to do whatever it takes to acquire his power, including holding Jackson ransom for a chunk of his father’s territory. Hallie and Jackson’s fathers try to rescue Jackson, but they move too slowly for Hallie’s liking. Will Hallie be successful when she decides to take matters into her own hands, or will she need rescuing herself?

Will Hallie be successful when she decides to take matters into her own hands, or will she need rescuing herself?

Captured is the exciting sequel to Runaway.    

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