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Congratulations to THE GOOD TEACHER!

paranormal, witches, romanceCongratulations to The Good Teacher and Lorraine Carey on winning the 2017 McGrath House Indie Book Awards for Horror and Paranormal!

Kudos to Lorraine Carey and ON BORROWED TIME

The following review was written by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite. Congratulations to Lorraine Carey!
Lorraine Carey, On Borrowed Time, paranormal, thriller, magic
On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2 is a paranormal romance novel written by Lorraine Carey. While this is the second volume in Carey’s series, she gives enough background information to enable this book to be read as a stand-alone. Daniella Reyes would miss Nina Santos, who had been her host for the last month, and she’d miss the two dogs who had become her close friends and companions. So much had happened since she had arrived at Nina’s ranch, but Daniella was eager to play her part as a new initiate in the Women of Willow Wood, a society which had its roots back in history to the 14th century and even before that to 1400 BC. She was still getting used to her new name, Rachel Torres, and would now be a guardian in the order with the responsibility for rescuing souls. The order had found a teaching position for her in a small Texas town, where a young teacher was being manipulated by her cult-leader boyfriend. Rachel’s first assignment was to rescue Audrina Campbell.

Lorraine Carey’s paranormal romance novel, On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2, is a thought-provoking and compelling novel that incorporates mythological themes in a modern day story about a sisterhood sworn to help others. Daniella Reyes is refreshingly real and bluntly skeptical of the one-year chastity request the Women of the Willow Wood lays upon her, and I wondered just how long she’d be able to comply, especially after she meets the dishy Brandt Meade whose cover as a parent just doesn’t sit quite well with her. While there are a few spicy words thrown in here and there, On Borrowed Time is a sweet romantic suspense novel that reads beautifully and is quite enjoyable.
On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2 is most highly recommended.