The Night

The Night

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When Clive Baxter returns home from World War II, he expects to settle into a quiet life far from the battlefields of Europe. Instead, he finds himself on the south side of Chicago in the neighborhood of Brownsville where everything is not as it seems.

A small neighborhood surrounding a meat processing plant, Brownsville is a wartime centerpiece for African-American migration north drawing in hundreds of people with the promise of work, housing, and a safe community.

As Clive soon learns, Brownsville is controlled by a mobster known only as the Landlord. But when Clive crosses the Landlord, he is framed for a murder, and forced to go underground to clear his name. Taking on the persona of the Night, hiding in the shadows, Clive disguises himself in a bid to take the Landlord down, he soon discovers he is not alone in this quest.

Will Clive be successful in his attempt to expose the Landlord and save what is left of his family and the people of Brownsville?

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