Author Services

Cover Creation – $45.00*

Made to order book covers for all genres. Cover Creation Package includes:

  • royalty free, professionally designed cover, made to your specifications
  • front, back, and spine art
  • minimum of 3 (three) cover mock-ups to choose from
  • your choice of font (must be in public domain and/or free for commercial use)
  • full cover (PDF and JPG) and front cover (JPG) images
  • BONUS: free edit of back cover blurb

*Note: this service is free for EMSA authors.

Editing Services – $0.60 per 300 words*

All genres welcome, edited in Word using Track Changes option. Edited in American or British/Canadian English (your preference). Note: there is a minimum charge of $50.00.

Book blurb for advertising and/or back cover use: $20.00 additional fee

Writing back cover blurbs and coming up with new ways to sell your book can be tough. If I ‘m reading your book to edit it, let me write the copy for you. Copy will be:

  • around 200 words
  • without spoilers
  • designed to create suspense

*Note: these services are free for EMSA authors.

Book Formatting – starting at $35.00*

Formatting your book for print is difficult, given the number of specifications you must follow. This package will format your book for whatever service you prefer (Createspace, Pronoun, Lulu, Smashwords, etc.), and includes

  • choice of font(s) (must be in public domain and/or free for commercial use)
  • table of contents if desired
  • design (drop cap, placement of name, title, page number, margins, etc.)
  • page breaks to separate chapters, section breaks, etc.

Note that each set of formatting specifications will cost $25.00. For example, formatting for and Pronoun will cost $50.00.

Last chance edit: $20.00

If you’d like one last pair of eyes before you go to print, I will put your book, chapter by chapter, through Grammarly software and correct any errors it finds (and any I find in the process). Note that this option may be purchased for any novel (not just the ones I format).

*Note: these services are free for EMSA authors.

Author Sell Sheets – $35.00*

A great way to grab your readers’ attention. These can be made to order in any size. I put these together and display in a picture frame when I attend a book-selling event. They are colourful and stand upright to bring some interest to your display. You supply the blurb, book information, and review copy and I’ll make a beautiful author sell sheet to order. Sample Author Sell Sheet.

*Note: this service is free for EMSA authors.

Publicity Package – $99.00*

If your book is available as an eBook and on sale for $5.99 or less, let me help you get your name and book title known. The Publicity Package includes:

  • Submit your book to 5 – 10 free newsletter postings (as many as I can find), though there is no guarantee they will post.
  • Post your book on 5 – 10 (as many as I can find) Goodreads, Storyfinds, Shelfari, eBooklister and more.
  • Blog tour:
    • Composition of query letter which will be sent to a minimum of 50 (fifty) bloggers to arrange for posts of your cover, excerpts, author bio, guest post if you choose to compose one, and review (dependent on query responses).
    • Compilation of publicity package to send to bloggers (you must provide original work for this in the form of an interview and/or guest post(s)).
    • Creation of tour banner.
    • Schedule of blog tour so you can follow along. 
    • Rafflecopter eBook giveaway.
    • BONUS: free post of blog tour itinerary on EMSA Publishing’s homepage.
  • Composition and distribution of press release to a minimum of 3 press release sites.
  • Author interview (you choose 5 questions from a list of 50) to be posted on and included in the publicity package.
  • Creation of advertisement suitable for use on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Post to social media including Storify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

*Note: this service is available at 50% off for EMSA authors.

Exclusive to EMSA Authors:

Upload your book to Ingram-Lightning Source – starting at $20.00

Uploading your book to Ingram-Lightning Source is normally a $50 flat fee. If there is a free coupon out there, I’ll use it (or wait until there is one). This package includes:

  • custom ISBN registered to EMSA Publishing
  • shipping of book to Library and Archives Canada (a requirement of Canadian ISBNs)
  • upload to Ingram-Lightning Source print-on-demand for increased distribution (free when available or an additional $50.00)

To order: contact me at admin @ with the service(s) you’d like and I’ll contact you with a quote.

All payments via PayPal.


“The comments in your email are excellent observations and suggestions and I appreciate your input immensely. Your explanations are very clear in the email and I look forward to tackling this project using your comments and suggestions.”

Anita Stairs-Oberlick, author of Helen the Transartist

“I recently had some editing services done by Elise Abram and I am extremely pleased, to say the least! She provided a complete edit of my work in progress, corrected grammar and formatting errors, made helpful suggestions and gave a thorough analysis of my work. I really appreciated the time, effort and consideration she took and was thrilled with how quickly she was able to complete the services for me. Her fees are more than fair. I highly recommend Elise to everyone needed editing or review, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks again, Elise.”

Tracy Brian, author of Head in the Clouds: Diagnosing ADHD – The Chapter Book

“I used Elise as the editor on my last book and she was fantastic. I’ve gone through four editors with my first two books and was never happy. On my 3rd book I found Elise and an editor for as long as I write. She is that good.”

Richard Houston, author of A Treasure to Die For