Publicity Package

Publicity Package – $99.00*

If your book is available as an eBook and on sale for $5.99 or less (free – $1.99 opens more doors), let me help you get your name and book title known.

The Publicity Package includes:

  • Submit your book to 5 – 10 free newsletter postings (as many as I can find), though there is no guarantee they will post.
  • Post your book on 5 – 10 (as many as I can find) Goodreads, Storyfinds, Shelfari, eBooklister and more.
  • Blog tour:
    • Composition of query letter which will be sent to a minimum of 50 (fifty) bloggers to arrange for posts of your cover, excerpts, author bio, guest post if you choose to compose one, and review (dependent on query responses).
    • Compilation of publicity package to send to bloggers (you must provide original work for this in the form of an interview and/or guest post(s)).
      • See sample publicity package.
    • Creation of tour banner.
    • Schedule of blog tour so you can follow along. 
    • Rafflecopter eBook giveaway.
    • BONUS: free post of blog tour itinerary on EMSA Publishing’s homepage.
  • Composition and distribution of press release to a minimum of 3 press release sites.
  • Author interview (you choose 5 questions from a list of 50 provided) to be posted on and included in the publicity package.
  • Creation of advertisement suitable for use on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Post to social media including Storify, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

* If you would like any of the above services a la carte, contact for quote.