Books by Jan Lillefjære

A Year Along the Abandoned Road

Jan Lillefjære is excited to share A Year Along The Abandoned Road, his first collection of poetry, with his readers.

Home is a poetical map for finding peace, healing, identity, and direction after a long period time away, traveling on life’s highway. There you are in your journey, home is in the distance, and reaching there will revitalize your soul and help you make peace with your inner-self.

A Year Along the Abandoned Road is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook).

Åse and the Honeybees

Åse the bear goes out in search of some honey. She discovers a honeybee hive at the top of a tall tree in the middle of the forest. When Åse decides to climb the tree to reach the honey she meets some unexpected consequences!

Åse and the Honeybees is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook).

The Curious Misadventures of Åse the Bear

Åse is a young bear who lives in a cave in the mountain forests of the Trollfjorden region of the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. She is a very happy, curious little bear, but she’s also quite accident-prone, and she experiences all kinds of mishaps, mischief, and trouble, upsetting all of her friends.

The Curious Misadventures of Åse the Bear is a charming collection of simple, heartfelt stories for children ages 3-6 years about the everyday lives of Åse the Bear and her friends. Beautifully illustrated, with mesmerizing scenes of the Lofoten fjords, the richly colored pages of this wonderful little animal tale are accompanied by a whimsical text.

The Curious Misadventures of Åse the Bear is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook).


The sun has just risen above the horizon, casting its colorful gaze over the Kakadu Wetlands, when two sets of small eyes break the calm surface of the billabong…

Thus begins the exciting new adventures of two young kangaroos, named Louis and Lili, ten new interactive children’s stories by Norwegian writer, Jan Lillefjære, translated from the Norwegian text by Cecilia Heimgård with illustrations by Joanna Pasek.

Kakadu is available on Amazon (eBook).

Matylda Goes on a Walkabout

Join Matylda on her walkabout as she visits with her friends in Kakadu National Park in Australia, learning about what the other animals like to eat. Matylda Goes on a Walkabout is a colorful children’s story by Norwegian author, Jan Lillefjære. It is translated from Norwegian by Cecilia Heimgård with illustrations by Alena C.Marto.

Matylda Goes on a Walkabout is available on Amazon (paperback, eBook, and hard cover).

Tales from Lofoten

Fairies of the water, air, and earth, the trees and flowers, the house and hearth: all these mysterious, elusive, beautiful nature spirits materialize within our enchanting stories throughout the pages of this book, a world where animals and trees speak, and every flower tells a story.

We lead our readers deep into the world of the tinsel fairies. It is a glimpse into a world that vibrates at a different frequency than ours, one that few can ever see.

As we explore the fairy realm we learn they are places where fairy tales can and do come true.

Tales from Lofoten is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook)

About the Author

Jan Lillefjære is a Norwegian children’s writer from Svolvær in Lofoten, in northern Norway.
Jan made his literary debut in 2017 with Tales From Lofoten, a book for young children.
He has written four other books for children as well as a volume of poetry. He started his career as a teacher and then switched careers and moved into Journalism. Jan studied journalism at Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges arktiske universitet, the world’s northernmost university. He is a National Geographic contributing photographer, and an active environmentalist and animal rights campaigner and supporter of the Miljøpartiet Dei Grøne. (Norwegian Green party)
Jan is also an outspoken activist for the Spanish wild Mustang.