EMSA Publishing is now accepting submissions from new and seasoned authors for novels and novellas in all genres.

What we want:

  • Top notch novel-length fiction for Middle-Grade and YA through Adult.
  • Page-turning storylines.
  • Characters readers care about.

What we don’t want:

  • Erotica, and/or gratuitous and graphic scenes of sex and/or violence.
  • Incendiary and/or inflammatory language.
  • Controversial topics and social issues presented in a manner intended to incite anger.

How to query:

Please send a cover letter via email as well as a brief synopsis (no more than 2 pages long) and the first 20 pages of your manuscript in the body of an email to query @ Note that attachments will not be opened. Please include the novel title and your name in the subject line.

5 comments on “Submissions”

    • admin Reply

      Absolutely, provided it’s not available at the time of signing, and that the author maintains the copyright and rights to publish.

  1. Terry Sewell Reply

    Would you consider a collection of short story fiction for an anthology of children’s stories as a novel?

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