Books by Firoozeh Ardeshiri

From Tehran to Toronto: One Woman’s Story

The Proceeds from this book goes to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of the Late Dr. Mahshid Ardeshiri

Based on a true story…

Afarin is a strong Iranian woman who never gives up and isn’t afraid of failure.

After her husband dies, Afarin fights sexism to become a lawyer in Tehran. When her daughter becomes pregnant after emigrating to Canada with her abusive husband, outspoken Afarin travels to be with her only to be shut out when she clashes with her son-in-law. She returns to Iran only to be called back again when her daughter and her husband separate.

Alone and penniless, she goes to a shelter where she becomes a translator for women who can’t speak English, giving them a voice.

Determined to achieve her goal to practice law, once more, Afarin returns to school to become a strong, independent, self-assured advocate for women’s empowerment with the message for women to go beyond their boundaries and strengthen their rights.

After hitting boundaries, experiencing failure, and surviving war and abuse, Afarin’s story is one of love, loss, joy, and sorrow, with the solitary message of empowerment for women to fight for their rights, think positively, and persevere.

From Tehran to Toronto: One Woman’s Story is available in paperback and eBook.

About the Author

Firoozeh Ardeshiri  was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English translation in 1990, she was employed at a number of foreign companies in Tehran doing English/Farsi translations. She also translated several articles in magazines and newspapers. Firoozeh immigrated to Canada in May 2002, and even though she was an experienced translator, she attended medical, legal, domestic violence, immigration and refugees, and other courses to become a certified Farsi/Dari interpreter/translator in Ontario. She started translating various language-related tasks for several government offices, translation agencies, and institutions in Canada, U.S., and other countries.

Firoozeh has been the recipient of several awards in recognition of being an outstanding and a top Persian (Farsi) interpreter and translator almost every year, from 2004 until 2017 by different translation agencies and associations in Ontario.