Carol is in Danger (unpublished blurb sample)

“If you do the right thing, you will have enemies.”

Penelope Peregrin is about to learn truer words have never been spoken.

Glasgow, Scotland, 1904.

Having suffered a brutal attack that has left her pregnant and her mentor, teacher, and cousin, Carol, incarcerated for performing abortions, Penelope embarks on a life-changing journey. She arrives in Oakville, Ontario, Manitoba where she meets Constable Arthur Scott who keeps her safe until she can be delivered to her new post with Lord and Lady Winningham.   

Lady Winningham has miscarried three times before, and Penelope has been charged to ensure this time does not make four.  Bedridden, Lady Winningham is unable to attend a meeting of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, and Penelope must go in her stead. Thanks to Cousin Carol’s teaching, Penelope is no stranger to the suffragette movement, and her involvement with the Temperance Union will help her and the women of Oakville be heard at a time when women did not have a voice.

Penelope is not the typical Edwardian woman, and she soon learns widower Arthur—who believes women should be treated as the equal of men—is not the typical Edwardian man. As they grow closer, Penelope must soon decide if she should return to Scotland to fight for women’s rights with her cousin Carol or remain in Ontario with the chance to live a normal life. 

Carol is in Danger is a historical fiction novel based on true events.