Whether you have finished your first draft or you are stuck finishing it, consider developmental editing.

Developmental editors work in tandem with the author to coach, evaluate, and develop a manuscript after the first draft has been completed, with the aim of making a book marketable.

Developmental editing is usually carried out prior to publication, after your first draft, and focuses on the technical elements of your writing, including (but not limited to):

Developmental editing: $20.00 USD/5,000 words


  • Focusing on “big picture” story elements, including pace, plot development and structure, plot holes, and conflict and character development
  • Narrative  style and flow
  • Writing style, including consistency in tone, voice, character, point of view, tense, and plot
  • Thematic elements
  • Use of stylistic elements
  • Elements of storytelling, including exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action
  • Target audience


  • Organization of ideas and structure
  • Narrative flow
  • Writing style, including consistency in tone, voice, and tense
  • Use of stylistic elements
  • Target audience

Whether fiction or non-fiction, at the end of the developmental edit, you will receive a reader’s report of at least ten pages, evaluating each of the above elements, along with suggested next steps and resources you may use on your writing journey.

Download sample reader’s report.