Book formatting is the process of preparing your manuscript for printing, making the design choices that will take your Word document and making it ready for publication. Formatting is important as it is what will make your book look professionally published, reduce distractions while reading, and make for an overall enjoyable reading experience.

Formatting your book for print can be difficult, given the number of specifications you must follow, and the specifications are different for each platform you choose, be it Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Draft2Digital (D2D), Lulu, Smashwords, or Ingram-Spark.

EMSA Publishing will format your book for a platform of your choice, including

  • Choice of font(s) (must be in public domain and/or free for commercial use)
  • Table of contents, if desired
  • Interior design to your specifications (page size, drop cap, placement of name, title, page number, margins, etc.)
  • Page breaks to separate chapters, section breaks, etc.
  • Author’s name and title in header, page numbers in footer
  • “Pull out quotes” using royalty-free images and including quotations/text to highlight important points in your manuscript (see below for examples)
  • Front matter (copyright page, acknowledgements, also by page, dedications, etc.)
  • Back/end matter (about the author page, index, works cited lists, list of image permissions, appendices, etc.)

Formatting picture books, 30 pages or less: $45.00 USD

Formatting fiction and non-fiction books, up to 200 pages (6″ x 9″): $75.00 USD

Additional pages, 201 and over per 100 pages: $10.00 USD

“Pull out quotes” and illustrations: $3.00 USD each