Under the Chuppah (unpublished sample book blurb)

Cathy is an empty-nester stuck in a loveless marriage. She is a free spirit who longs to explore her Polish roots. She has had lovers in the past, including Frank, a passionate klezmer musician who still holds a candle for her.

Wayward Robert has a weakness for drugs, alcohol, and women; his encounter with Cathy doesn’t end well. His father hopes he will one day take over the family business, but Robert falls in with an unsavoury crowd, smuggling illegal goods into the country, running the business to the ground.

When an old friend of Cathy’s contacts Frank to tell him she’s gone missing, Frank rushes to Poland to search for her, hoping he will find her alive. With his guide, Isaac, by his side, Frank unwittingly crosses paths with local gangsters, including Robert, as he searches for Cathy, his one true love.

Is Cathy still alive? Will Frank ever find her? When he does, will she want to be with him? Most importantly, will Frank make it home alive? Under the Chuppah is a tale of love, loss, mystery, and adventure unfolding in and around the neighborhood of the local shul against Poland’s magnificent landscape.